Wednesday, April 04, 2007

That Was Easy .

The Atlanta Hawks is a team in despair. The Hawks don't have Joe Johnson , their top scorer, for sometime and is now without Josh Childress . Naturally, the Nets fans expected an easy game. It was at the end but in the 2nd quarter, it was ugly.So ugly the fans at home booed the Nets.It's a good thing the Nets recovered in time to put away the Hawks for good.Nachbar topscored for the Nets with 26 big points and the Big 3 was big 2 only as Jefferson has a below standard game.Wake up ! It's near playoff time.The Magic lost to the Raptors tonight.That means the Nets are 1 full game ahead of the Magic at #7.

Nets vs. Hawks : 101-86

VC Line : 36 minutes / 24 points / 8 rebounds / 3 assists

Monday, April 02, 2007

Nice Defensive Game

The Nets rebounded from a loss in their last game to win a hard fought game vs. the Sixers. It was a tight game again as usual.The Nets always had a hard time against the 76ers. Philadelphia is a tough team but it still recovering from Allan Iverson's departure. VC was in foul trouble early but managed to finish the game well.He scored majority of his points in the all important 3rd quarter.R Jefferson and J Kidd played well too.I said before that if the Big 3 play their usual good game always,the Nets will be hard to beat even in the playoffs.Antoine Wright and Granpa Robinson played well too with 13 and 12 points respectively.

Nets vs. Sixers : 86 - 82

VC Line : 25 minutes / 19 points / 5 rebounds / 2 assists

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back To Eigth .

I feel that the Nets are dancing to the tune of Brian Knight's popular song 'Back To One,Two,Three' . The only thing is that the Nets are in and out of the 7th or 8th or 9th place s in the Eastern conference standings. Right now , they slid back to #8 with the sorry loss to Detroit. VC was injured briefly and came back to play an all around game.So did rookie Josh Boone with 16 points.If Boone continues his fine play,the Nets have a good chance of capturing the 7th or last spot in the playoff.What would happen to Moore's re contract then?That's for the next season.Right now,it's focus on the run for the playoff first !

Nets vs. Pistons : 105-110

VC Line : 39 minutes / 27 points / 7 rebounds / 6 assists

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